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Fearne Cotton Reveals All About Her Very Own Happiness Festival

This summer, Fearne Cotton is on a mission to help you find your happy place. Teaming up with Rituals, Happy Place Festival will be a blend of inspiring talks, unique activities and self-care moments guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Debuting at Chiswick (3rd/4th August) before moving on to Tatton Park (7th September), get ready to immerse yourself in nature with rustic tepees allowing for intimate experiences to ensure you have everything you need to get those good vibes flowing.


Spending years exploring how to find true happiness, TV and radio presenter, Fearne Cotton is now considered an authority on what you need to boost your endorphins and has written several books documenting her own journey to living a more joy-filled life. Also the host of the Happy Place podcast series that’s brimming with honest insight on embracing the brighter side of things even when the chips are down, we caught up with Fearne pre-festival to get the lowdown on what we can expect from the feel good event…


Happy Place debuts this summer. What inspired you to start a festival that promotes everyday happiness?


“It’s an opportunity for me to bring to life all that I’ve been talking about or the last few years. It’s a chance to bring together all of the incredible people I’ve met in the world of well-being to create something special for others to enjoy.” 


You teamed up with Rituals to build a festival that celebrates the small joys of life. How did that partnership come about?


“I love Rituals’ ethos about life, and it really aligns with the festival. They’ll bring a whole dose of calm and zen to the event.”


What is it about Rituals that resonates with you, your lifestyle and your take on happiness?


“I love the idea of having meaningful rituals in everyday life, as everything feels so fast-paced in the modern world. Having the chance to slow down and take stock is more important than ever, and that seems to be a fundamental element of what Rituals is about.” 


Happy Place is a weekend of joy, filled with experiences that bring good vibes and happiness to festivalgoers—from doing handstands in a yoga tepee to getting a relaxing massage. Do you have a favourite part of the festival? For you, personally, what’s the happiest spot of Happy Place?


“The talks stage is something I’m so looking forward to, as I find hearing other people’s theories and stories hugely beneficial. The line-up is so good, so I can’t wait to sit and listen in to so many amazing key speakers.”



Throwing a happiness festival isn’t all you do. You’re also a television and radio presenter, a writer, and a mother of two. What’s your secret to a healthy work-life balance?


“Trying to carve out a tiny bit of time for me. Usually, that consists of my morning work-out or just reading in bed at night. I also swear by early nights to ensure I get sleep, and a freezing 1-minute shower to awaken my soul in the morning.”


Finding happiness is something you’ve struggled with in the past. In your podcast series Happy Place, you explore what defines happiness and what truly brings meaning and joy to your life. What are the biggest lessons you have learned as this series continues to flourish? 


“I think that communication is so integral to healing. I have loved hearing other people’s stories and have learned so much from simply listening. It’s a wonderful chunk of solace and intrigue every time.”


Even the happiest people need a little pick-me-up sometimes. What is your go-to happiness hack to make it through difficult days?


“Exercise, my family and good people, trying to remember to not be so serious and to laugh more, joyful food, music, great books!” 


Do you have a daily ritual?


“My coffee in the morning is a non-negotiable ritual! I love making it and savouring every sip.”