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Sow the seeds of soulfulness in your garden

Practicing mindfulness is a piece of cake, and it doesn’t require you to stop everything you’re doing and sit still.  Instead, simply integrate a moment of mindfulness into your daily activities. Gardening, for example. Not only does gardening have some lovely health benefits, it's perfect for living in the moment.  Because if you're hoping to reconnect with the world around you, look no further than your backyard.

In her TED-Talk, Tobacco Brown explains how the garden is the place to find yourself surrounded by life. That's where we connect with our creativity and are able to let new things come into being. We are building our future by starting from scratch: clearing the soil of the remains of the past and then creating a garden balanced with care, from which we can harvest beauty and grace.


Use your senses

Transform the garden into your sanctuary: a place for contemplation, where you'll feel calm and happy from the moment you step into it. Leave your phone inside and pay attention to your senses. Start by closing your eyes to record all the sounds around you: the birds, the wind that makes the leaves rustle. While listening, you may also notice the different scents in your garden, like lavender and the earthy scent of the fresh soil. Pay attention to your sense of touch: how does it feel to let the flower bulbs roll around in your hands and be planted into the earth? How does it feel to come in direct contact with the dirt you’re planting them in?  Consciously use your senses to experience the nature around you and you’ll enrich your mind with a sense of peace and positivity.


Food for the soul

If you planted some things a while ago, you can observe how your small sprouts have transformed into beautiful flowers and plants: the manifestation of your attention and patience. If you've created a vegetable garden, it’s time to bring your homegrown vegetables into the kitchen and discover the art of soulful cooking. Fresh herbs or even certain flowers can be delicious additions to a summer salad. Looking for more inspiration? You'll find healthy recipes packed with delicious veggies here.


Alternatives to building your own garden

Don't have a garden (or balcony) of your own? Head to the park, take off your shoes and feel the grass beneath your feet. You'll definitely feel more grounded.

If you still feel the need to plant a few things, you could look for an allotment, spruce up you’re the garden of your in-laws (you’ll be their absolute favourite!), or temporarily retreat to a cottage in the countryside. Or you could always take your gardening skills inside and bring some feng shui into your home!