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How make-up can influence your mood

According to research conducted by the Fordham University in the US a woman’s daily make-up regimen can have a powerful impact on her mood. It works like this: when you’re happy with how you look, you tend to exude confidence, making you happier with other aspects of your life.


The importance of a make-up routine

Once your make-up habits turns into a procedure, it loses its charm, which is such a shame. Rather than shortening your to-do list, you’ve now added an extra task. Next time you look in the mirror, remember to look yourself in the eyes and admire your own inner and outer beauty. Before you start, don’t forget to light a scented candle and to turn on relaxing music. You’re going to be spending time on yourself, so you might as well turn it into a moment of meditation. After this, you’ll be ready to conquer the day.


Why do we wear make-up?

We mainly do it to accentuate facial features and to hide any blemishes that we might have. We complement full lips with a luscious lipstick, or long lashes with pitch black mascara or our cheekbones with a warm blush. Make-up can also be a way to express yourself. See your make-up brush as the paintbrush of an artist and let your imagination run wild.


How it started

You might think that beauty products were discovered over the course of the last century, but that’s actually not true. Make-up has played an important role in human life for centuries. It began in ancient Egypt, where make-up had medicinal and religious purposes. Egyptians added kohl to their eyes, made of burnt almonds, lead and oxidised copper, to honour the god Horus and goddess Hathor. Interesting, right? 


Modern-day make-up

The Ritual of Cleopatra collection has everything you need to accentuate the beauty you were born with. We’ve even created looks that you can recreate depending on your mood or the occasion. Enhanced with pulverized gemstones, our make-up is perfect for starting your own daily regimen. Take time for yourself and you’ll find you have more confidence—and there’s nothing more attractive than that.