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Luxury handwashing: Turn the routine into a moment for you

In today’s climate, handwashing has become something you practice almost automatically. But it doesn’t need to be a chore – done thoughtfully, handwashing can be a moment of indulgence, to lovingly connect and check in with yourself. Below, our top tips on turning this everyday chore into an indulgent routine. 


The right routine

First off, make sure you’re washing your hands correctly. The World Health Organisation has laid out an eleven-step process to ensure your health and safety.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. First wet your hands, then lather up with an abundant helping of liquid hand soap, rubbing your hands palm to palm. Interlace your fingers front and back to get every nook and cranny. Then scrub your fingers against each other, lather your thumbs, and rub circles on your palms with the tips of your fingers. Wash up above your wrists, rinse with running water and you’re good to go. Remember to dry off with a clean guest towel, which you can then use to turn off the faucet to avoid any germs from hitching a ride.


Perfect your timing

All of this should take you at least 20 seconds to do. This is most commonly spelled out as two rounds of ‘Happy Birthday’, but with the handwashing song generator, you can fit your favourite karaoke song into the time it takes to clean your hands properly.


Treat yourself

So you’ve been good about washing – now what? You might notice that all this soap and water are taking a bit of a toll on your skin. Dry, cracked cuticles are common, or your skin might be looking a little rough around the edges. In cases like these, it’s important to turn to a nourishing hand balm containing emollients to soothe overwashed skin.


For an extra spot of indulgence, treat yourself to a hand massage. Apply the balm to your palms, then work it all around your hand with your fingertips. Using your thumb, apply pressure to the soft mound at the base of your hand, rubbing deeply to stimulate the muscle and soothe it after a day’s work. Work your way over to the sensitive area between thumb and forefinger, gently massaging it to engage the pressure point found there. Then on to your fingers: pinch each one between the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand and draw it up to relieve and tension you’ve stored up. Finally interlace your fingers and spread them out for a ultimate stretch.


Now that you’ve washed and massaged your hand, try treating them to a nurturing at-home manicure. Your hands will feel loved and spoiled – and so will you!