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Namasté Ritual - The Power of Infinite Gratitude By Rute Caldeira

Writing about this, right about my arrival from India is something that brings me an incredible feeling, because writing about this is all linked to my memories, is my connection with the magic word Namaste, is my connection to India, Asia and their rituals of love, purification and even beauty .... It is in my smile and there is also a huge sense of gratitude.


What does namaste mean? 

Namasté, a sacred word, so simple but so powerful! In fact, it is a simple thing, to find great wealth, profound teachings and temporary expressions

Namasté - known as Sanskrit sacred, is an incredible greeting, so incredible, it is a paradise to think, it goes beyond its precious meaning - the divine spirit that inhabits in me, is the divine spirit that dwells in you. In India, for example, use this gesture to welcome, greet someone, but also to thank.

This thankfulness happens in all kind of situations - helping someone, when making a purchase, when we end a practice of meditation or yoga. Namasté puts us in touch with the capacity to honor, not only the other, but also ourselves, life, nature and the infinity. 

Besides being a recognition of the divine that lives in the other, also sincronizing us with the pressure gift of gratitude.


And what happens through gratitude?

Gratitude brings up the beauty of the little things in life, the ones we take for granted ... They are free, yet they are curiously as richer and more precious as they can experience. I am referring to the sunrise that allows us to see all day long; of the water present in the oceans, in the rivers, in the waterfalls, a source of life that quenches our thirst. I am talking about the trees that do not freely give us the air we breathe; You can talk about food without anything charging us. I'm talking about the planet that is our home, and without it we have no place to exist.


How to find the infinite power of gratitude? 

When you dive into the Namasté way of live, you don’t honour only youself or the other, you honor life and recognize the planet, you honor and thanks to nature and all the living beings that form part of it. You acknowledge that saying Namasté or thank you, is a way of being present and realizing the true value that surrounds you every day. As John Ruskin says, "nature is painting for us, day after day, images of infinite beauty." With all this, it is important to have your eyes opened to look at this nature.

And the capability to be grateful is possible when you are able to recognize a feeling of happiness in the smallest things ... And when you transform our daily routine, in meaningful rituals, which leads you to say time and time again, with open heart, Namasté!