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Become the best version of yourself in 21 days

Every day can be the start of a new beginning. Every morning, you wake up with a new chance to reach your goals and follow your dreams. We can help—by making you look good on the outside and feel like your best self on the inside. Turn your routines into meaningful moments and transform yourself into a modern-day warrior, ready to conquer any challenge the day brings: here’s how.


Unleash your inner Samurai

In ancient Japan, an elite class of warrior knew that the key to any battle was confidence. These fighters never entered the battlefield before being groomed to perfection, because looking their best gave them the confidence to face any challenge. The Samurai used their appearance as a basis for ultimate balance of body, mind and soul. They also trained themselves tirelessly—with grueling physical and mental routines—to become the best version of themselves. It’s no wonder that we named The Ritual of Samurai, our popular men’s collection, after these famously strong and successful warriors.


First things first

To ensure appearances were up to their rigourous standards, the Samurai paid attention to 3 things: physical training, nutrition and grooming their bodies from head to toe. In other words, they were mindful of everything their bodies did and how it could enhance their performance on the battlefield. Today’s modern warrior should follow the same rules when it comes to training. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working out at home, taking a power yoga lesson, or running a 5K through the forest, as long as you do it with intent. 


You are what you eat

The Samurai invested a lot of time and effort in eating the leanest proteins for good muscle development and energy. We’re not saying that you have to catch your own fresh fish every day to become a modern warrior, but you’ll want to try avoiding sweets, alcohol, cola and other assorted junk food. Instead, replace these bad snacks with healthy ones, like this delicious chocolate and chia smoothie. Along with drinking lots of water, it’s the perfect way to reward your body after an intense workout. If you’re worried that you’re not exactly a whiz in the kitchen, we got you covered. Check out our article by our food expert Nigel van der Horst and you’ll be well on your way to healthier eating.


Groomed for greatness

The ancient Samurai took great pride in their appearance, and their modern-day counterparts should too. Alongside eating well and working out, this also means good grooming from head to toe. Because when you make looking good a priority, you’re guaranteed more confidence…and when you’re confident, the world is yours. Rituals has everything you need to transform showering or shaving routines into more meaningful moments of reflection. Once you have the tools, all you need is the tips—you’ll find professional grooming advice here.


Become the best version of yourself in 21 days


Focus on what’s really important

The Samurai were balanced inside and out. A good modern-day Samurai also finds ways to bring inner peace into his or her life—through meditation, for example. Before you start conjuring up images of new age gurus and burning sage, it’s helpful to realise that meditation can take on just about any form—you can even do it while training. Beginning your day with some sort of meditation was great preparation for the ancient warrior, and it can also help you sharpen your focus.

One of the most unique ways that the Samurai improved their mental focus was by challenging themselves to withstand extreme conditions. In the spring, as the snow began to melt in the Japanese mountains, the warriors would stand beneath an ice-cold waterfall to strengthen their willpower. Now, you may not live close to any natural waterfalls, but you’d be surprised how effective it is to make the last few minutes of your morning shower a cold one. The shock to the system makes you alert and ready to face the day.


The search for happiness

If cold showers and meditation aren’t for you, there are of course other ways to improve mental focus and invite more inner peace into your life. Challenging yourself to a day without your smartphone is an excellent start. Or incorporating the daily practice of Ikigai, otherwise known as a search for happiness, to focus on what you want to achieve each day. Either of these things promotes mindfulness by eliminating distractions and bringing you closer to your goals.