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How to find happiness (or joy) in every day

Joy is not a constant. It comes to us in moments – often ordinary moments. Sometimes we miss out on the bursts of joy because we’re too busy chasing down extraordinary moments.

This quote from professor and author Brené Brown could have been directly taken from our own philosophy. We love helping you find ways to relax, so that you can find happiness in the smallest of things.

We’re often so busy worrying about things--minor issues or things we think are very important—that we miss out on the good things within our reach. Like Brown says, happiness lies in the simple, everyday things, as long as you’re being mindful while doing them.

Secretly we’re all conscious of this, but yet we still find it difficult to focus on the things that—by definition—make us happy. We just keep racing through life, often losing sight of joy and pleasure. At first glance, these things could appear meaningless—but if you stop and take the time to realise it—they’re actually quite valuable.

And all that while we know it’s so easy: if you search for things that make you happy every single day, you’ll be leading a better life. It’s that simple.


Find happiness in the smallest of things

Often you can find joy in the small things. Chances are you’ve had a day where you’ve done a lot of things that made you happy, but because life is so hectic and hurried, you didn’t take the time to acknowledge them as such. Our first and primary advice is: slow down and take time to appreciate (the beauty of) life, and you’ll discover for yourself that there are a lot of wonderful things waiting for you.

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Live in the moment

Here’s where you find the best solution: living in the here and now. If you want to experience happy or joyful moments every day, the “only” thing you need to do is adjust your mindset. Live more mindfully—it works. Learning to value the small(er) moments of happiness, for example. This could be anything: admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms outside your office window that suddenly start blooming in March, watching two kids gleefully play together in front of your house, but also (maybe even more so) making dinner or drinking a cup of tea. In short: everything that gives you a feeling of joy and happiness.


Be thankful

The next step is gratitude. Try to reflect on what you have. These days, we’re often so focused on wanting more that we sometimes forget what we already have. A moment of peace and reflection can be enough to realise that we’re very happy with what we have—and that we actually have more than we think.

According to researchers, it’s even better to share what you’re thankful for with others. When you talk about things that make you feel happy and grateful, this positively influences how you you feel in general.


Practical tips

Alongside this advice, there’s also other, more practical tips to try during your daily search for happiness and joy. Let’s start by stating the obvious: make sure you’re getting enough sleep, because nobody is happy when they only sleep 4-5 hours a night. Another option is to take a walk every day. It doesn’t have to take hours: ½ hour of moving will already have a positive effect. This is beneficial for your nervous system and it fights feelings like anxiety and hostility, which are a logical threat to happy feelings.

Finally, it helps to surround yourself with happier people. The more happy people you have around you, the happier you’ll become. It can give you the feeling that you, too, can achieve that level of happiness.  

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