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5 easy steps for a more mindful life

We’re always talking about how balance is essential to finding inner peace. You can create this balance by, for example, meditation, running in nature or even simply being more mindful. Read on to discover a form of mindfulness you can practice in 5 simple steps.


The solution for fighting stress

It happens to all of us from time to time. You’re working too hard. You don’t have enough time for yourself. You feel insecure and overwhelmed. Next time you feel any of these things, try to SNACK:

5 easy steps for a more mindful life

5 simple steps

(S)top what you’re doing, whatever that is. Just let it go for a minute. In this way, you force yourself to reset.

Then, (n)otice what’s going on around you. Try to pause and reflect, giving yourself time to process it.

The next step is to (a)ccept. Accept whatever you’re feeling, even if it overwhelms you a bit. That’s not so crazy, considering it’s the first time you’re trying it. Just allow yourself to feel without judgement.

Now it’s time to go a bit deeper. Become (c)urious. Ask yourself why you’re feeling this way—where is it coming from? What (if anything) can you do about it at this moment?

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to express (k)indness towards yourself and the world around you. Be easier on yourself and others—your problems will seem less difficult. It will be easier to solve them if you’re kind to yourself.


The perfect life hack

Pretty simple, right? Once you’ve mastered the system, you’ll be fighting stress like a champ. A little piece of mindfulness that you can incorporate into your daily life, that isn’t complicated or time-consuming. Now that’s what we call a great life hack.