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Feeling stiff in the morning? This 15-minute joyful yoga flow will loosen you up

Take some time for yourself and ignite those positive vibes with this gentle yet strengthening workout


Tend to start the day feeling sluggish? Take time for yourself and ignite your joy with this gentle 15-minute yoga flow. This session will focus on combining breathwork, stretching and strengthening, and is the perfect antidote if you feel stiff and disconnected.


Each movement is carefully chosen to give your body the ultimate stretch, loosening your joints whilst showing yourself some love. By aligning your movements with your breath, you can strengthen your muscles whilst also creating a sense of relaxation throughout your body. Every position will open your body up as you are encouraged to stretch out and release any energy blocks within. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started…

Nuno Azevedo

Nuno Azevedo

Nuno has been on a journey of exploration of the human body and mind since he was seven years old when he began studying dance and performing arts. His love of movement led him to discover yoga at the young age of fifteen. Whilst working in London as a performer, Nuno often turned to his yoga practice to help keep himself grounded and eventually his practice and study turned into a life-long dedication. He deepened his knowledge of holistic health and healing and since 2011 has been working as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and massage therapist across Europe and Asia. 


Nuno's teachings are focused on Ayurveda, Vedanta and Mindfulness practices. You can attend one of Nuno's yoga classes in Amsterdam at both Movements Yoga and Heldhaftig Yoga.