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A high intensity yoga flow to boost your energy

Temperatures are rising, flowers are blossoming, and Mother Earth is fully alive. Harness the uplifting energy of summertime by boosting your inner power. Are you in for a challenge? Practice this high intensity yoga flow for seven to ten days in a row, to awaken your internal flame and get your blood circulation pumping.


Despite this season of youth, freshness, and growth, you can struggle with tiredness and a lack of energy. With this high-paced yoga flow, I will help you to bring up your energy whilst building strength. Through Sun Salutations and a creative flow, you will work the whole body, including the legs and the deeper layers of the core. We will end the practice with a sweet moment of rest, so you’ll leave this practice feeling recharged and fit in both body and mind. Ideal to kickstart your day or to do after lunch to avoid an after-lunch dip. Join me on the mat and let’s boost our energy levels together.

Renée Leeuw

Renée Leeuw

During her career as Editor-in-Chief of an online interior design magazine, Renée Leeuw found her physical and mental peace in yoga. In Australia her passion for yoga and meditation intensified, after which she successfully completed her first teacher training at Santosha Yoga Institute in Bali. After several further courses, she now teaches Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation. Another thing she gets her energy from? Nature and especially the ocean, preferably on a surfboard. Curious about her lessons? In Amsterdam, she often rolls out her yoga mat at Equal Yoga, Het Gymlokaal, Yagoy and she teaches through her own platform YAY!YOGA. Also, listen here to The YAY! YOGA podcast.