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Anxious? Give yourself some love with this 20-minute grounding yoga stretch

Give yourself an extra dose of love with this short yet effective 20-minute session. Combining movement with breathwork, it will ease any tensions in the body and mind.


Sometimes both your body and mind deserve some extra love, especially when you feel anxious. Breathe better and move deeper into relaxation with this short 20-minute yoga stretch, it combines movement with breathwork to ease any tensions of the body and the mind.


Whilst holding in the pose for each exercise, you can enhance your breathing to unwind and release negative thoughts. If you’re craving some natural dopamine after a busy day, this 20-minute yoga session is everything you need (and more!). 


This soothing remedy gives your mind, body and soul peace and calm, encouraging you to enjoy a mindful moment just for you. 

Nuno Azevedo

Nuno Azevedo

Nuno has been on a journey of exploration of the human body and mind since he was seven years old when he began studying dance and performing arts. His love of movement led him to discover yoga at the young age of fifteen. Whilst working in London as a performer, Nuno often turned to his yoga practice to help keep himself grounded and eventually his practice and study turned into a life-long dedication. He deepened his knowledge of holistic health and healing and since 2011 has been working as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and massage therapist across Europe and Asia. 


Nuno's teachings are focused on Ayurveda, Vedanta and Mindfulness practices. You can attend one of Nuno's yoga classes in Amsterdam at both Movements Yoga and Heldhaftig Yoga.