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This is why you should go outside now

While you’re stuck behind a computer screen, every part of you is yearning to be in the sunshine, and why not? Being out in nature is the ultimate physical and mental therapy—here are just a few reasons why you should go outside right now.

We’re all struggling to meet our obligations and yet still have time for what matters most. But what if we were to tell you the best coping mechanism for daily worries is right outside your door?

Stronger still: that the unfortunate side effects of stress (like insomnia, depression or high blood pressure) may be cured not by a trip to the doctor, but by regular strolls through the forest?

Science is definitely on nature’s side

According to a study conducted by the University of Exeter Medical School, just living near nature makes us feel better physically and psychologically. When observing 1,000 participants, scientists found that people living in greener urban areas displayed much fewer instances of depression and disability than those living elsewhere.

Japanese researchers at Chiba University discovered that a 15 minute walk in the woods caused a 16% decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, a 2% drop in blood pressure and a 4% lower heart rate when compared to the same amount of walking in a city centre.

It’s no wonder that we simply feel better when we’re out in the fresh air and feeling the sunlight on our skin—every cell in our body craves the rest and relaxation being in nature creates. And when our bodies feel healthy, our minds and our spirits are soon to follow.

So what are you waiting for? Stop peering through your tiny office window and sighing and start taking your 15 minute break outside. Shut your laptop down and let nature lift you up.